Where are we today?

Where are we today?

Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm baaaaaaack! ... She Said

Ok ok ok - I'm posting! This whole things is starting to seem very real and very exciting. I have been reading up on what it is like to have twins. There are three phrases/words I keep reading over and over again:
1) exhausting
2) "a blur" (when referring to the first 6 months) and
3) I wouldn't want it any other way (when referring to the time after the first six months).

Sounds like this is going to be one wild ride! Hopefully Michael and I are up to it.

Did some maternity shopping last weekend. Maternity clothes are the best thing ever! I have had trouble with heartburn all my life so, as you can imagine being pregnant, with twins no less, isn't making it any better. Anything less restrictive around the middle is the best in my book. Bring 'um on.

Our ultrasound was exciting and long at the same time. It was Michael's first time seeing the babies as babies and not as kidney beans. But because this was my 1st trimester scan, it was mostly scan, snap a pic, measure, scan, snap a pic, measure, scan, snap at pic, measure……….you get the idea. Not a lot of "Look, see the baby, and see it move" shots. Our babies are measuring where they should be.

My next scan isn’t until 18 weeks sometime in July. We should, if the babies oblige, know the sexes. In the meantime, grow babies grow!

That's what she said anyway ...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Favorite is the CloseUp ... He Said

Some Pics from the Belly (Under or otherwise)... He Said

Well, Nancy is writing an entry now, but I figured I'd post the ultrasound pics (since I've got 'em ;) )

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Days are Getting Longer ... He Said

Well, its starting to feel like the lovely wife if going to leave the blogging to me. Maybe after the next ultrasound she'll regain her momentum :)

Anyway, apologies for taking so long to update. Life has been crazy. Buying a house, having twins, both of us have product releases coming up in the next month or so ... its literally been a mad dash from morning to night.

Anyway, today is the end of the first trimester! I think its really starting to settle in. We had an impromptu ultrasound at the OBGYN visit, and the little buggers were twiching and juggling around! Nancy said she could make out arms and legs and they were flailing about! Pretty cool.

Well, I'm going to leave it short but sweet and give the lovely wife a chance to jump in any time now ... tick tock ... but in the meantime, there probably won't be much news until the next ultrasound on May 31!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bigger At this Ultrasound ... He Said

I know, I know ... we're slacking. Its been crazy ... work, pregnancy, looking for a new home, so much to do so little time.

Anyway, I promised this a long time ago, I'm just getting around to scanning our ultrasound from 4/27 ... but it was good news!

The two little twiglets were still representing and they had doubled in size (we're at 12mm now :) ) and heartbeats were strong. Its funny how so many might not even know they're pregnant at this point, and we've been waiting with baited breath for several weeks!

Anyway, here's the pic and we're keeping our fingers crossed for continued good luck as well as happiness and healthiness for all.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pics from the First Ultrasound

So I finally have the scanner set back up and we can scan and post pics. I know I promised the U/S pics earlier, but, here they are ...

Tomorrow is the bigger day though. We get another u/s and if all is well, we move over to the "regular" OBGYN.

Its kinda weird. I guess I personally feel a bit weird that we are moving over to someone else after these folks have done so much to take care of us and advise us. I'm sure they'll stay tuned in, but what if the OBGYN isn't as attentive? What's the whole switchover like?

Anyway, in spite of my own questions, I guess the cool thing about it, is that they are bascially saying ... "You guys are now like everyone else having a baby!"

Wicked cool.

So tomorrow, based on the last couple of weeks, shouldn't show anything different, but you never know. We are still trying to be realistic. Something might have changed, but, God Willing, we will see two heartbeats, yet again, and be well on our way to the next step (there are sooooo many however).

Anyway, didn't I start this with something about pics? Don't worry if it seems like a bunch of static ... we watch way too much TV these days :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Pocket Aces!!!!!! ... (He Said)

Well, today was the big day. Our first ultrasound.

We had tried to figure out how far along we were, but it seems there are like a million different methods to calculate how many weeks pregnant you are. Some start 2 weeks before the first missed period, some start with the retrieval, some the transfer. So to date, we've had 3 different counts, so it was hard to figure out whether or not we should be hoping for a heartbeat this early or what.

So anyway, we got there today, and fortunately didn't have to wait long. Nancy was feeling pretty sick and I'm sure the nerves weren't helping.

Anyway, the first part of the ultrasound was quick and they found not 1 but 2 gestational sacs!

Basically that means that both embyos implanted successfully, but there was still another hurdle. She told us that it was far enough along that we should be looking for heartbeats in step 2.

So, step 2 got started and they decided to check the one on the left first.

I could see them zoom in and this little flickering static thing right in the center of the sac. A heartbeat! 128 beats per minute which we're told is perfect! And the fetus was 6mm, which we were also told is just the right size!

(oh btw, we're 6 weeks and 3 days according to the ultrasound tech)

So then they decided to check the one on the right ...

They zoomed in and bingo! Same little flickering static thing in the ultrasound. Heartbeat #2! 124 beats per minute and 6mm in size!

I've got to say it was quite exciting to see them zoom in and see the little hearts beating.

So suffice it to say, we're on cloud nine. But with twins ... a lot is going to change and fast. A new house, new baby stuff, all things we are going to have to start thinking about.

A lot can still happen we know, so we're still somewhat cautiously optimistic, but its seeming a whole lot more real after today. We're going to be parents!

So our follow up is going to be on the 27th, nearly 2 weeks away, but after that, they may signoff and send Nancy to her regular OB/GYN.

Wow. Its been such a long process (nearly five years), its still just setting in that there's going to be TWO little ones running around (God willing).

Looks like we might need to buy another baby toupee!

That's what he said anyway ...